When an accident happens, STOP and REMAIN CALM

All accidents must be reported within 24 hours, no matter how minor and regardless of who is at fault.

Read and follow these instructions:

Aid the injured.

Call 911. Notify the police and request an ambulance if necessary.

Obtain the NAME, AGENCY and BADGE NUMBER of the Investigating Officer.

Obtain facts about the other vehicle(s)

Vehicle Make, Model, Year and License plate number.

Registered Owner’s Name and Address.

Driver’s Name and Address.

Insurance Company Name, Address and Policy Number.

Note Damage to other vehicle.

Obtain the NAME and ADDRESS of injured person(s).

Obtain the NAME and ADDRESS of of passengers in the other vehicles(s).

Obtain the NAME and ADDRESS of any witnesses.

Take photos of the following:

Damage to your vehicle.

Damage to other vehicle(s).

Damage to other property.

Any landmarks or signage noting location of accident.

Protect your vehicle and other property from further damage.

Report the incident to your supervisor.

Complete and submit the Accident Report Form.

DO NOT accept or deny fault.

DO NOT offer to pay for damages.

DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone EXCEPT for the Police, Campus Police, your supervisor or your office team.